Custom Letterpress Business Card – Viseuth Koy

January 20, 2014

Custom Letterpress Business Card for Viseuth Koy from Koy Pilates. Printed by CottonPaperie.

Custom Business Card – Maxine Marcovitch

January 11, 2014

Custom Business Card for Architect & Designer Maxine Marcovitch. Created by Emanuel Cohen, Designer …

Custom Business Card – Komsufirin

January 8, 2014

Custom Business Card for Komsufirin. Designed by Beste Birer.

Minimalistic Custom Business Card – Panos Nikolaou

January 1, 2014

Minimalistic Custom Business Card by graphic designer Panos Nikolaou, from Greece.

Custom Business Card – Fruit Bageecha

December 29, 2013

Custom Business Card for Fruit Bageecha. Design by LemonGraphic, multimedia design house located in …

Cool Custom Business Card – MindWarp

December 20, 2013

Cool Custom Business Card by Octavio Corral from MindWarp. Cool Custom Business Card – …

Custom Letterpress Business Card – Jenny McCann

December 1, 2013

Custom Letterpress Business Card for wedding/portrait photographer Jenny McCann. Printed by CottonPaperie.

Custom Business Card – Elektrik Company

October 27, 2013

Custom Business Card by Elektrik Company, whose goal is to empower your great ideas.

Custom Business Card – Lagoo

October 6, 2013

Custom Business Card by Lagoo, Polish design agency that does Graphic Design, Branding, Character Design.

Custom Business Card – PreciouslyMe

September 30, 2013

Custom Business Card for PreciouslyMe. Printed by BadCass. “I’m a Blogger. What’s your SUPERPOWER?”

Custom Business Cards – Cantina Lilliu

September 18, 2013

Custom Business Cards for Cantina Lilliu. Designed by Blue Step Studio, from Italy.

Custom Letterpress Business Cards – Stefano Bianchi

July 20, 2013

Custom Letterpress Business Cards designed by Stefano Bianchi from N2O Studio. Printed by Badcass.

Custom Business Cards – S. Rohde Hill

June 30, 2013

Custom Business Cards by S. Rohde Hill. This was my attempt at doing a …

Custom Rounded Business Cards – Des ronds dans l’eau

June 22, 2013

Custom Rounded Business Cards designed by Des ronds dans l’eau. Printed by Badcass.

Custom Business Cards – Sleep In Hostel

May 27, 2013

Custom Business Cards for Sleep In Hostel. Designed by Perconte.

Custom Business Card – Kelli Marie

May 13, 2013

Custom Personal Business Card by graphic designer Kelli Marie.