Die Cut Business Card – WindLife

September 29, 2017

A die cut business card for WindLife designed and printed by Company Folders.

Cool Die-Cut Business Cards – Unekual Construction

March 1, 2016

Cool Die-Cut Business Cards of Unekual Construction. Created by Alessandro Gugliotta. Complete stationary re-design …

Unique Die-Cut Business Cards – The Victoria Falls Steam Train Company

February 29, 2016

Unique Die-Cut Business Cards of The Victoria Falls Steam Train Company. Designed by Bittersuite Communications …

Unique Coaster Business Cards – Redsquare Agency

December 4, 2015

Unique Die-cut Coaster Business Cards of RedSquare Agency. Printed by Gwin’s Commercial Printing.

Die-Cut Business Cards – Photo Camera

November 30, 2015

Die-Cut Business Cards of Jessica Edwards Photography.

Cool Moustache Business Cards Paperworks

October 20, 2015

Cool Die-Cut Moustache Business Cards Paperworks. Created by stellavie.

Unique Duplexed Business Cards – Andia Angelidou

September 29, 2015

Unique Duplexed and Die-cut Business Cards designed by Andia Angelidou. Printed by Lithogramma. Photographed by Georgios …

Cool Die-Cut Business Cards – Graham Media Partners

September 27, 2015

Cool Die-Cut Business Cards of Graham Media Partners. Design: CWP Design Studio, Designer: Britt Larson, Creative Director: Corey …

Die-Cut Business Cards – Modern Stages Modern Spaces

September 17, 2015

Die-Cut Business Cards of Modern Stages Modern Spaces. Designed by Boltz & Hase. Designed for …

Die Cut Letterpress Business Cards – Soundry

September 3, 2015

Die Cut Letterpress Business Cards for Dan Halliday of Soundry. Printed by Blush Publishing. Custom Die cut …

Unique Triplexed Business Cards – Jungle

September 2, 2015

Unique Triplexed Business Cards of Jungle. Designed by Rob Pratt. Printed by Dayfold Printers. GFSmith …

Die-Cut Letterpress Business Cards – Vanessa Pyne

July 1, 2015

Die-Cut letterpress business cards with rounded corners designed by Vanessa Pyne. Printed by RepeatPress. Printed on …

Die-Cut Business Card – Odense

May 21, 2015

Die-Cut Business Card with a cut-out waveform of Odense. Designed by Hugo den Ouden.

Unique Die-Cut Birthday Card

May 5, 2015

Unique Die-Cut Birthday Card by Ian Collins. This isn’t really a business card, but …

Die-Cut Business Card – Solid Professionals

May 1, 2015

Die-cut business card in the form of a necktie of Solid Professionals. Designed by Hugo …

Cool Dark Die-Cut Business Card – Burly Studios

April 11, 2015

Cool Dark Die-Cut Business Card of Burly Studios. Printed by Running Doves Press, Wichita Kansas. …