Cool Black Spot UV Business Card – Incognition

June 25, 2014

Cool Black Spot UV Business Card for Incognition. Designed by Genewang.

The brain scan visual was printed in black on a 380gsm Sirio 80 black card with a spot UV finish on the fracture lines. The details of the bearer is printed in metallic silver ink.

Cool Black Spot UV Business Card - Incognition Close Up

Cool Black Spot UV Business Card - Incognition Lined Up

Cool Black Spot UV Business Card - Incognition

Incognition is an up and coming brand consulting agency with a focus on the psychological aspects of branding. Based on a cognitive theory first proposed by Dr. Steve Bunce in 2006, which explains the act of unconscious thinking, the Incognition way of branding leverages on the stronger processing power of the unconscious.

Incognition’s visual identity is represented through a visual of a brain scan. The fracture lines are a result of the impact of the bullet hole that targets the creative (right) side of the brain which spreads its impact onto the rational (left) side of the brain. This visual interprets Incognition’s ability of using creative methods to convince the rational mind.
The logotype is inspired from the cocking grooves on the pistol slide which ties the relation to the visual identity as well as providing a condensed typographic solution for the lengthy name. Together, the visual identity and the logotype comes together to represent the targeted approach that Incognition has for its clients and the insight it has on consumers.

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