Creative Business Cards – Tommy Perez

August 19, 2014

Creative Business Cards for Tommy Perez. Printed by Mama’s Sauce.

Creative Business Cards - Tommy Perez

This is what Mama’s Sauce wrote about the project:

“Business in the front; party in the back,” proclaimed Minneapolis-based designer, Tommy Perez, as he came at us with an ambitious idea for play-with-able letterpress business cards. We told him that if he wanted to play around, he should find a print shop that thought letterpress was a game rather than a respectable and historic craft.


Tommy picked his four favorite French Paper Co. Pop-Tone colors and we mixed inks to match. Tommy’s idea was to die cut the cards so that the outlines of each letter in his name became a little foldable tab. The whimsical Pop-Tone papers were duplexed to the back of the card so that a little folding would bring the party right on through to the front.

Creative Business Cards - Tommy Perez 2  Creative Business Cards - Tommy Perez

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