Creative Minimalistic Business Cards – Student Upstarts

July 5, 2012

Creative Minimalistic Business Cards for Student Upstarts. Designed by graphic design studio goat.

I really like the explanation by the branding author:

Most seed investors use seeds or plants as visual metaphors for what they do, we didn’t believe that this was enough to communicate the Student Upstarts message. We saw the relationship between Student Upstarts and the student teams as a sum of efforts, hence the plus sign. However, we believed that Student Upstarts is more than a plain addition, but serves as an amplifier. To show this dual nature we created the logo in a way that the viewer will see a specific mathematical sign depending on the angle.


  1. Barry Lewis says:

    Looking for a business card for my consulting business specializing in start ups and small to medium business needing help to expand.

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