Letterpress Business Cards – That’s Brave

May 26, 2013

Letterpress Business Cards designed by creative agency That’s Brave. Letterpress printed by Typoretum.

Letterpress Business Cards - That's Brave

“We love the effect that the old skool letterpress does when the ink sinks into the paper and just couldn’t resist to try the edge printing. The cards have been printed on greyboard which is normally used as a cheap recycled packaging paper for cereal boxes and the back of notepads. It’s part of the charm to take something worthless and turn it into something really unusual and trendy. Many people have ingrained into their minds that glossy is classy. Personally for us, it couldn’t be further from the truth. No doubt that glossy, silk and uncoated papers all have their place in everyones brand but so many times I hear people say, ‘it needs to be classy, so a nice glossy paper is what were after’! We loved the design of these cards and whats great is the reaction we get from the people we give them to. The best part is that the older and more damaged the cards get, the better they look!” – That’s Brave.

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